Thursday, January 15, 2009


I bought in on the green lines yesterday morning.
Had a small profit immediately, but didn't take it
because I thought it would go higher. It didn't.
So, as usual, it played with me two more times and
gave me a chance to get out even. I didn't take that
either. So I have been up ALL NIGHT with no sleep
and just managed to get out with a tiny profit just
before gold dropped like a rock. Now gold has just
run all the way back up to my position after a drop
of $7, all in a few minutes.
I'm too tired to take another position, but I will
watch gold on the open, then I must get some sleep
so I won't be posting for a few hours.
It also appears that I have lost one of my cats as I
haven't seen him since night before last.
I just spent a good chunk having the vet remove a tumor
from his eye (he lost his eye and had a bad case of
conjuctivitis which is a sinus infection).
He was my most loving cat...almost human.
I hope he just got locked in somewhere by accident,
but we have critters up here, like coyotes who could
have grabbed him from his blind side.
I won't be surprised though, if he bounces in soon if
he is locked in somewhere and gets out. I sure will
miss him if he met his maker.