Thursday, April 9, 2009


I will keep checking to see if anything opens up tomorrow, as quite often,
despite Holiday Schedules, gold and other commodities continue to trade
in some markets around the world.

Keep in mind, this holiday would be a great opportunity for the Market
Manipulators to pull some DIRTY TRICK to move the gold market down
so that the shorts can cover their hopelessly losing short contracts in PMs.

They could do something to open up the PM markets way down on Sunday
to blow out those traders who are open long on insufficient margins.

The way to protect those longs on the cheap, is to offset them with an equal
amount of contracts SHORT on a DIFFERENT contract month, such as AUGUST
GOLD to offset JUNE GOLD. Your margin requirements drop to those of a
SPREAD and are a couple hundred dollars for, say, five contracts.

Enjoy your Easter/Spring weather and holiday.