Friday, June 19, 2009


There is no reason for me to comment on the moment to
moment convulsions in this totally manipulated market for
now. Unfortunately, we have to watch the market constantly
for the breakout which is soon to come.
The minor blips in this market are made on very light volume,
or are immediately sold off.
The only thing to do is maintain the long positions you have, so
when the market does take off you are on board, or to buy any
severe dip to be held for the long run.
I would suggest you buy OCTOBER GOLD for that move as it
will give you more life in the contract. Even DECEMBER GOLD
would not be out of the question.
The big question now is: DOES THE CRIMEX HAVE ANY GOLD
to deliver? Since January, they have been delivering only THREE
bars of mini gold size, otherwise you get a Warehouse Delivery Receipt
(a piece of paper!) if you only have two contracts.
The larger bars are still delivered, but there are reports that the
warehouse is making it very difficult to take delivery, a sign that
they don't have the gold on hand that they say they do.
More than likely it's been sold or lent out to depress the market by
the shorts. The Crimex is more than likely now a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE
that will not be charged with the crime until it's too late to do anything
about it. (The metals will have disappeared !)